My Journey To South Korea

International Correspondent: Claire Forster

(Image: Claire Forster)

I found an email in my inbox in January about schemes at partnership universities this summer – one in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, one in China, one in Denmark and one in South Korea.

It sounded exciting. Five weeks of study in a completely new country, with tuition fees waived and the chance to study whatever I wanted. I applied to study at Seoul National University and was accepted. So I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing for my summer in Seoul.

To be completely honest, there has been a lot of logistical stuff to sort out. Seoul National University requires proof of a negative TB test if you want to stay in their campus accommodation, so I had to get a chest x-ray done privately (and pay for it). But that aside, and some minor paperwork and one vaccine, the process has been relatively simple.

York University has provided me with pre-departure workshops that explain how their (free!) travel insurance works and (also free!) Korean lessons before I go. The process feels very well supported and organised.

I am interested to see the differences between the cultures of this country and South Korea, and also how the teaching style differs. Also, I’m studying Korean ceramics! I think this summer will be incredible and I am ultimately so glad I applied.