The Most Desired Event of the Year?

Rhiannon reviews Threads of the North Fashion Show for SCENE.

(Image: Josh Haining, Norman Rea Gallery)

On Wednesday 21st February the Norman Rea Gallery hosted Fashion Show Threads of the North.  The event was in great demand; tickets rapidly sold out online and the additional twenty that were planned to be sold at the door turned forty-one!

Threads of the North was devised by Evie Brett (Members Officer) and Emilia Sogaard (Head of Blog) with the support of Norman Rea Gallery and Hard Magazine members who helped make this vision a reality. 

In conversation with Evie, she revealed the show intended to showcase the diversity and versatility of these creators, the breaking of rules, and the reimagining of what constitutes fashion, but primarily to show off local talent!

(Image: Josh Haining, Norman Rea Gallery)

Atmospheric lighting and music transformed the gallery from an exhibition space for art to a runway. Spectators were seated along the edges of the gallery, leaving room for the models to make their way through the audience. 

The fashion ranged from layered weaves to geometric designs and floral prints. Every item had something new to offer. Striking contrasts, clashes of pattern and sculptures fitted to the body; the collection had it all. While they advertised that ‘less is more’, equally they demonstrated that more is also more!

A uniting theme throughout the collection was modes of construction. By re-imaging fashion, they reimagined the construction of clothing, asking the question what is clothing, and fundamentally what can it become?

The vibrant creations of these seven talented designers deserve recognition and praise, but Threads of the North should also be remembered as the incredible creation of the Norman Rea Gallery. The event was the final product of weeks of effort behind the scenes. Black and white posters – produced by the gallery’s resident graphic designer, Nell –  were posted around the University. This colour scheme – or lack thereof – was purposefully selected, considering the vulgarity and vividness of the fashion on display, to “let the clothes speak for themselves.”  

(Image: Josh Haining, Norman Rea Gallery)

Weeks of meetings and planning, with a final five hours of set up on the day,  all resulted in an experience to remember! 

Evie and Emilia shared the hope that Threads of the North would pave the way to “redefine what an art exhibition can be.” Both grateful to have shared such an exciting and eye-opening event with a student audience; they are thankful to everyone involved and hope that above all else everybody had fun.

Shout out to one particular designer, a student at the University and Co-Vice Director at the Norman Rea Gallery, Tash Crane @tashcranebags. Her handmade crocheted bags are made with recycled materials, environmentally friendly, and positively stunning!  Shown on the runway as a unisex item, the models wore simple, understated outfits (courtesy of Dog and Bone Vintage) so these bags could shine. 

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