Battle Of The Bands BEGINS!

Listen up students of the University of York! Everyone’s favourite music event is finally upon us!

(Image: Luke Snell Photography)

As the studies and societies of semester two are now well and truly underway, so too begins the highly anticipated battle of the bands. Hosted and organised by the University of York’s Band Society, experience the exciting array of talent on display.

The James College Lounge is transformed and coated in a sea of lights changing from blue to red to green, paired with the collective shrieks and comradery of the audience.

Students gather to experience the thrill and exhilaration of the bursting crowd, with people even standing on sofas to film and photograph their favourite bands of the night. 

With the first Heat having commenced on the 15th February and the second already on the 22nd, you still have time to catch the third before we hit the Semi-final!

Heat 3: 29th February, RKC Lounge

Semi-final: 14th March, RKC Lounge

Final: 21st March, Fulford Arms

Bring your friends and housemates down to the Lounge and join the University in its united passion for music; experience first-hand the shared joy it evokes. 

I personally was mesmerised by the music and immersed in the spirited scene. With bands like Trent And The Crickets and The Chorduroys eliciting and encouraging audience participation and bringing an infectious energy to their fantastic performances, I couldn’t help but feel the liveliness in the atmosphere. Never has the Lounge been more brimming and bursting with dancing, screaming people! 

You don’t want to miss the never-before-been-done addition of the semi-final or the opportunity to see over thirty unique bands perform in varying styles from jazz, to rock, to pop! 

Visit @uoy_bandsoc on Instagram for further information, or to get involved with the fantastic Band Society.