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College profiles: Wentworth


Established: 1972

Named after Thomas Wentworth, the First Earl of Stafford in the 15th and 16th centuries, age and maturity are attributes that have come to characterise Wentworth College.  After 30 years as a normal university college it was decided that Wentworth would become the University’s first graduate-only college.  With this change in resident population came a change in accommodation, with most of the flats being built in 2002 or after.  Possibly because of its graduate residents the college maintains a serene atmosphere on the edge of campus and perched by the lake, infamous for its quiet nature and international student population.


Wentworth Chair – Zhu Yiong (Iris)

1.    Location?   

Wentworth College is located around the lake, with the most beautiful views, especially at night.

2.    Why did you pick the college?   

It is the only postgraduate college which provides you with a quiet environment, and it was also recommended by one of my teachers who studied here 10 years ago.

3.    Distinguishing features?   

The interaction with the GSA (Graduate Student Association), whose office is located in Wentworth, offers residents first-hand information of different aspects – academic and welfare to sports and social events. Most residents here are from Asia (78% this year), if you like traditional Chinese food, you will definitely want to live here. There is a prayer room for those who want to pray or spend some time on meditation.

4.    Best thing about the college?   

People from this college are all very nice; you can always find help or advice from any of the college staff members, they are really concerned about their students. The big reading room in Wentworth is within 2 minutes’ walk from your room, and is right beside the Edge bar. It is very convenient for you if you don’t want walk a long way to the library but still want to concentrate on your study.

5.    Worst thing about the college?   

Sometimes it is so quiet that it makes you feel somehow isolated, and you can hear the ducks screaming at night in the spring when you are trying hard to focus on your papers.

6.    College member most likely to say? 

“Let’s move to the Common Room to play table tennis and order some pizzas from Domino’s!”

7.    College member least likely to say? 

“My favorite food is in the Edge.”

8.    Why you love being College Chair?   

Because I enjoy talking with people from different backgrounds and hearing different opinions, I love working with a group of people who are passionate about enriching the life of our fellow postgraduates.

9.    What animal would your college be and why?   

I would choose a cat because they share some similarity in nature. Sometimes you feel it is quiet and leaves you enough space to live your own life, but sometimes it can be so enthusiastic and drag you into a colourful world of social life, and sometimes it makes you feel curious.

10.    Best college memory?   

I’d like to say the Chinese New Year Eve in the Edge. It is an event organized by the college to celebrate the most important Chinese festival. Hundreds of people gathered in the Edge, tasting homemade dumplings (though not even close to the Chinese ones), experiencing traditional Chinese calligraphies and paper-cutting, and students from different countries enjoyed a good time with those lovely volunteers sent by CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association). The thing is: culture matters!

11.    What you wish you had known as a fresher?

Arrive at the college a little bit earlier, don’t miss the welcome week, lots of events will be organized by the GSA in the first two weeks, which provide you with a good opportunity to integrate into the community and make new friends here.


Wentworth Student – Mohamed Elsherif

1. Location?

On the west side of campus, right by the lake.

2. Why did you pick the college?

The view of the lake, and all the students nearby are postgrads as well, which helps me to study more, or that is what I thought.  In addition, I applied late so I did not have that many choices. Additionally, Wentworth has ensuite rooms, which is perfect for me.

3. Distinguishing features?

Having my own bathroom is nice. Moreover, I am studying in the Sociology department, which is very near to Wentworth.


4. Best thing about the college?

I would say it is how calm and quiet the environment is for most students. However, for me, I think the best thing is that it is near to the most important places for a student: The Edge to eat, and my department.

5. Worst thing about the college?

The walls are so thin you can hear conversations from the next room.

6. College member most likely to say?

“Please lower your voice a little bit so we can sleep”.

7. College member least likely to say?

“Let’s go out tonight and party”.

8. What the website says?

“Wentworth College is the University of York’s first postgraduate only college, and offers ensuite study bedrooms to postgraduates from around the world”.

9. Best college memory?

BBQs with friends next to the lake, playing football outside with people you don’t know and gathering in Wentworth Common Room.

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