Saturday at Roses: Badminton 1sts

Women’s: Lancaster 7-2 York 

York are significantly ahead from the get go right through to a very intense last game. The women’s team really pushed Lancaster to their limits in their final round by keeping everything nice and high. 

However, it was interesting to me that Lancaster made the decision to not switch out their teams after each game. Compared to York who seemed to prioritise their teams rest, something that possibly gave York an advantage in the long run. Whether this was down to a lack of team members or choice I do not know but it became increasingly clear as the games progressed that Lancasters team were growing tired. With their performance slipping York put the pressure on.

Lancaster had the same 2 girls playing every game whereas York alternated between multiple sets of doubles allowing their players time to catch their breath. A luxury here Lancaster does not have. Yet this does not take away from the overall performance of the York women’s team.

Both teams matched point for point for the majority of the final few games showing fierce competition from both sides. Lancasters desperation for a win really shines through their play as York sit comfortably on 3 wins (at the time). 

This desperation fuelled drive must have paid off as Lancaster won in the tie breaker set. A set that could have potentially secured an overall win for York to gain them 4 points on the roses scoreboard. Although I will say it was pleasing to see so many closely contested points and numerous games won and lost by small margins.

As mentioned there was beautiful gameplay from both sides making it almost entirely impossible to predict which way the games would go and was entirely based on each individual set. 

There was a positive atmosphere surrounding the entire afternoon with spectators cheering on their team. Crowds of parents, friends and the random student filled sports hall 1 with their chants and praise. Making it a very enjoyable afternoon – not just for the sport itself. 

Yet when the final whistle was blown York came out on top with a very impressive and well deserved 7-2. 

Open’s: Lancaster 3-6 York

Again this was a very enjoyable fixture with an exceptional standard of play and excellent competition.

Unfortunately, after a 1-8 loss to the open 2nd team, despite strong performance from all 3 doubles, York’s 1st team failed to score roses points. 

Arguably York’s biggest fault was that they were more concerned with their attacking and let their defence significantly slip- costing them 6 of the 9 games. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite where it needs to be however the level of talent throughout can not be denied. After all 3 of the 9 games were still won. 

However, a great performance all round. There’s a lot to be proud of here for both the women’s 1st and open’s 1st team. 

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