YUSU Strike Back: 66 and 67 Buses to Be Free on Campus Again

YUSU have reached a provisional agreement with First Bus York and the University to return free bus services between campuses for the 66 and 67 buses

(Image: York Vision)

In a ‘Sabbs-in-Short’ email to students, YUSU Community and Wellbeing Officer Hannah Nimmo announced that after a series of negotiations with First Bus York, the 66 and 67 Buses will return to being free between the campuses.

The students’ union ran a campaign called #FixFirst after frustrations with fare rises, bus route changes, and the decision by First Bus to impose fares on 66 and 67 buses between campus. In this campaign, over 6,800 letters were penned to both the University and the bus company to improve bus services. As a result, a provisional agreement has been reached to ensure the return of a free bus service between campuses East and West.

As in years before the start of this academic year, 66 buses will be free between York Sport Village and The Retreat bus stop on Heslington Road, whilst the 67 will also return to being a free bus service between the Sports Village and Green Dykes Lane. However, according to Nimmo, unlike previously this ‘free’ service will still require users to operate the Tap-off-tap-off (TOTO) system even if using these buses in the free zone. Nimmo said in her ‘Sabbs-in-Short’ email that the details of this arrangement still need to be ironed out.

Time will tell as to whether the TOTO system will work or whether students and the general public start getting incorrectly charged. Whilst this is a victory for students, there are still issues with general service. These include the punctuality and availability of buses, and the treatment of disabled users that YUSU needs to continue to highlight with the University and First Bus York. But as Nimmo said in her email she hopes that “this is just the beginning of shaping a University bus service that works for each and every student.”