YUSU Autumn By-election Results

YUSU has announced the new Gender Liberation Part-Time Officer and Local and Community Students Part-Time Officer

(Image: YUSU)

YUSU have announced the Autumn By-election results. The union by-election elected two part-time officer roles which were left vacant at the end of the 2022/2023 academic year.

Voting was open from Monday 16th of October to Friday 20th of October.

Gender and Liberation Officer

The first role to be elected was the Gender and Liberation Officer (renamed from the Women and Non-Binary Officer ahead of this academic year). This role “aims to combat sexism on all levels, and to encourage support and allyship from all genders.”

Five candidates ran for this role. The election ran for two rounds before a vote threshold was met, with 101 individual votes recieved.

Nina Slater was elected the new Gender and Liberation Officer.

Nina’s manifesto lists aims of breaking down “the heteronormative sex education system and promote healthy sex for all genders”, offering Trans+ and Non-Confirmative gender support groups, and focusing on intersectional work with other marginalised groups on campus.

Nina Slater is elected Gender Liberation Officer
(Image: YUSU)

The Local and Commuting Students Officer

The second role elected was the Local and Commuting Students Officer. This role was newly established in 2023 and “promotes equality, encourages participation and advances the welfare of local and commuting through campaigning, educational action and social activities.”

Three candidates ran for this role. The vote threshold was reached after one round, with 77 individual votes recieved.

Daniella Lancaster was elected as the first Local and Commuting Students Officer.

Daniella’s manifesto lists aims to introduce more commuter friendly events, provide locker access to commuters without cars and increase bus numbers around peak travel times.

Daniella Lancaster is elected Local and Commuting Students Officer
(Image: YUSU)