What’s Happened to the 66? First Bus are Changing Bus Routes From This Week Onwards

Say Goodbye to the free numbers 66 and 67, and hello to the free C1 and C2 intercampus bus services...

(Image: York Vision)

First Bus are changing their bus routes significantly from 24th September.

The 66 and 67 bus services will no longer be free to travel on (between campuses). Instead, students will need to get the new free C1 or C2 services to get to their lectures on time.

(Image: First Bus York)

The C2 bus will be the main bus service you’ll likely be on most regularly if you study on West or East campus, as it runs all year round – directly on the route between the sport village on Campus East, all the way past campus East on the main road down to Heslington Hall, where it will then continue until Wentworth Way stop.

The C1 bus will also be free, running only during term time, and operating on a different route from Campus East sport village, all the way into the Science park and then round past Heslington Hall and down to Halifax and James College respectively.

The 66 and 67 buses will remain in operation, running on the same routes as they used to, but note, they will not be free at any point, even when they are running between campuses. This is because these both go into town.

The formerly iconic 66 and 67 buses will no longer offer free journeys to students between campuses.
(Image: York Vision)

Say goodbye to your cheeky 66 and 67 freebies, they are no more.

The 66 will be your best bet for going to York Station from either campus (unless you live off campus in the Tang Hall area, then the trusty Number 6, as always, will be your best option).

The 67 will stop at Merchantgate, so will be a good one for getting into the city centre, and on Lawrence Street/Hull Road, and then it will follow its route back to the University campuses on Green Dykes Lane all the way to the sport village.

The Clubbers Bus, known as the delightful CB1, will also be running as per usual throughout the term to and from Rougier Street, covering Campus West, including James College, and Campus East as well. Like before, the CB1 is not a free service! For those in Halifax College, note that it will not stop at the same place as the C1 inside the college, so you’ll have a bit of a trek across the green to get home…to sober you up.

These changes come amidst recent price rises from First Bus, announced two months ago.

If you regularly use the bus, buying in bulk tickets, or season or term time tickets will save you money. These tickets can also be used on any First Bus route in York, not just the student buses.

For occasional trips, using their card tap on tap off (TOTO) service as you get on as you get off the bus (don’t forget), will be your best bet at saving money on trips into town. This is because it cuts down the time it takes for you to board, saving the bus driver time printing you a ticket and making the service more efficient.