Student Centre Put on Hold

Construction of University's controversial Student Centre has been postponed

The University of York’s upcoming Student Centre is to be put on hold for at least three years.

Due to rising costs facing the University as a result of the current high levels of inflation alongside instability in global markets, the decision has been taken to delay the building of the student centre for at least three years. The scale of the monetary issue can be seen with recent reports from the University showing a deficit of £14 million pounds in the year 2022/2023.

An area of York Campus sectioned off for building the new Student Centre
An area of campus that has been blocked off for the Student Centre. Image: Dan Gordon-Potts

According to the statement put out on the University’s website, the area that is currently sectioned off will partially return to being a car park. As well as this, a part of the area is set to become a usable space for everyone, with suggestions that there will be seating and planting. This could result in the space becoming similar to Greg’s place or to the area outside the University reception.

With the Student Centre having previously been heralded as an important space for societies and media groups, questions remain as to what will be done for those groups for the rest of this decade. Despite this, the statement made by the University has noted that groups will be set up for the purpose of consultation regarding these issues in the hopes that suitable temporary arrangements can be made in the meantime.