First York Extends Bus Routes

Changes to the 67 C1 and CB1 services have been announced

(Image: Dan Gordon-Potts )

First York has changed its bus routes, extending the 67 service to the York Train Station from the 29th October.

There have been lots of changes recently for First York buses, such as routes, ticket prices and the introduction of new services, C1 and C2.

On the 26th of October, they announced they will also be re-extending the 67 service to the York Train Station in order to make it more accessible for university students. This change was brought in on the 29th of October

First York also has further plans in the works: changes will be made to the C1 shuttle service going between East and West campus. It will no longer go to Halifax College and the bus stop on Main Street will be replaced with a new bus stop on Newton Way.

For both the C1 and the CB1(the night bus), the James College bus stop outside the student centre will be relocated next to Car Park South.

First York hope this shift means the journeys will be faster for students relying on the services.

These changes have been made in response to feedback they have received since their new network began at the start of this academic year.

For further information on the bus services and their routes, students can visit the First Bus York website.