White Supremacist Group Distribute Stickers Around York

The white supremacist group "The Hundred Handers" have been active in York since July

York has been hit with a wave of stickers made by a white supremacist group called the “Hundred Handers”.

The stickering comes as a part of the group’s latest national campaign which commenced on October 31.

The stickers were found on Clifford Street close to Kuda and on popular tourist destination Bishopthorpe Road. The stickers carried messages such as “It’s Okay to Be White”, “Nationalism is Nature”, “Western Civilization is White Civilization” and “This is Our Land”.

A Hundred Handers sticker found on Clifford Road.

This campaign from the Hundred Handers is their latest activity in the York area.

The group has been active in the city since at least July when a photo was posted of a sticker near York’s iconic Clifford’s Tower reading “This is Our Land” on their Twitter.

The group has also distributed their materials in Kingston-upon-Hull, London and across the United States in recent months.

Their name comes from the Greek myth of the Hundred Handers, three giants who helped Zeus and the Olympians overthrow the Titans.

Another sticker found on Bishopthore Road

The Hundred Handers operate by anonymously distributing physical materials which carry messages that espouse conspiracy theories about white genocide.

This includes the conspiracy around the so-called ‘Kalergi Plan” which supposes that there is a plot to mix white Europeans with other races through immigration.

The group then photographs the stickers, posts them into an anonymous chat using the WhatsApp alternative Telegram and then the photos are posted onto the Hundred Handers social media channels by the anonymous leader of the group nicknamed “The Head”.

The group is not on the list of proscribed groups in the UK but will still raise concerns about white supremacist activity in York. Hate crimes involving race have risen 11% in the last year, as reported by The Guardian.

When approached for comment, YUSU Community & Wellbeing Officer Effy Hayle told York Vision: “The rise of white supremacy is incredibly troubling, and such prominent acts, such as these stickering campaigns are abhorrent.

“Racism and Xenophobia have no place at the University of York or in wider society. 

“We encourage any students who find these stickers to either report them to the local authority, or if these are seen on campus, to call campus security and report them.” 

If you see physical materials such as the ones pictured in this article, we recommend you photograph them, take note of the location and notify the relevant authority. If this on campus, contact security using or use this link to report the incident. York Vision have received reports of the sticker having razor blades underneath them so do not try and remove them yourself.

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