Uni of York Hosts Christmas Market

Bringing together student societies and festive cheer

On a dark and rainy day (so like most days in November here) I found myself in a well-lit room filled with people excited to tell you all about their creations and trinkets for you to buy.

I was, of course, at the YUSU Christmas market.

Taking place on Thursday the 24th of November, I saw all sorts of interesting goodies ready to be sold as I made my way around James Hall.

I stopped by a cake stand to buy myself a brownie as a mid-afternoon snack and as I fumbled around trying to find out how to pay for my cake via bank transfer, I saw kindness and generosity in miniature.

The person just after me was trying to buy a cake using cash and when they needed change for a tenner, the cake stall was unable to offer this so the person on the next stall over offered up some of their cash to be used as change. 

All in all, it was a very nice way of starting to get into a more festive mood, despite Christmas still being a full month away.