Moody’s Musings: Late Nights, Long Hikes, and Making Memories

I look down at my watch. 2am. Ah crap, I have a 9am today.

I shrug and sip on my third overly expensive 2-4-1 cocktail, whilst staring at my housemates as they drunkenly debate about politics or something of that sort. It’s chill, I think to myself, as I open the door home and prepare my- self for a solid four hours of sleep. Gotta love waking up early, I then say, begrudgingly waking up for my 9am-11am and then 11am-1pm seminar. After coming home from that long, long day I do the usual things a good student does: I do my reading, I write my notes and I watch my pre-recorded lectures and- OH WAIT! DID SOMEONE SAY WE’RE GOING OUT AGAIN! COUNT ME IN. Alas, the cycle continues as I prepare for another blissful four hours of sleep for my Thursday 9am.

Not to brag, but that anecdote comes from a week where I went out five days in a row. From pubs, to bars, to freezing in the city, and then overheating in the club. I know, I’m so cool. Anyway, what I’m trying to imply is that I don’t feel much regret from reliving my first year, especially since my second year barred nearly all forms of nightlife. I am aware though that my third year is my final year and therefore the most important of the three, which is why I will continue to emphasise that maintaining a balance is so vital for your wellbeing. It’s all fun and games being an absolute sesh gremlin, but remember your readings for your seminars.

Not everything is completely alcohol-based though. No judgement if your social life is. I finally feel like a normal university student and haven’t felt like this since the middle of first year, so I’m grabbing this freedom by its balls and doing what I should have been doing the past few years: meeting new people, experiencing in-person society socials, and generally living my best life as a young adult. I know this year will be hard academically, but I also realise that having fun with friends is important too. It really is all about balance and not sacrificing yourself to either extreme. Staying up with my housemates, watching films, or cooking with them may sound like small things to many, but those memories will always have a place in my heart.

However, what I will say is that I’m aware that my seshing will have to decrease next term, which is why I’m living it up this term. And yes, mum and dad if you’re reading this, I am on track with my academ- ic work. In hindsight, one day is a decently long time to get your important shit done and there will be time to have fun in the evening, especially if your nights last until 4am the day after. Remember to sleep too – going out five days in a row is not my usual go-to but wow, that was fun. I have been going out more often than I thought I would, I admit, but I am maintaining a good study- sesh balance and I’m not just saying that.

I apologise for getting nostalgic here, but I guess now is the time for it. I am very aware that I sound like a boomer, telling the youth about the good old days, but they are the good old days and I plan to continue to make memories because the good old days are now. And, while we’re only a third of a way through the year, I want to keep a nostalgic mindset throughout. When I am stressing about studying, I will remember watching Robots in the late hours of the evening. When I have deadlines coming up, I will look back at that house party my household hosted for Halloween. When I think I should give up, I will look back at the moments in university that brought me here. Never will I think I regret doing x, y, or z in Autumn because I will remember I cherished the memories back then and therefore I shall continue to do so.

If you’re still reading after that cheese-fest of a paragraph, thank you. I shall leave you all with the following message: make time to make memories, whether that be seshing and drinking or mov- ie nights and drinking cups of tea after a long study session. You are the most important thing in your life, so remember to keep making amazing memories for your future self to look back on.