Students shell out £40k on Uni fines


The university hit students with fines and charges totalling almost £40,000 last year.

University records indicated that students shelled out £23,637 between October 2013 and October 2014 to cover cleaning expenses and to repair damage they had caused. Of this, £5,220 was to pay for lost keys.

Students were also fined a total of £16,435 as punishment for their behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, fledgling Constantine College saw its students receive the lowest number of fines, with a total cost of £164.20.

At the other end of the scale, Halifax students managed to rack up a whopping £5,639 in fines.

When asked for comment by Vision, University Registrar David Duncan said: “The vast majority of students behave reasonably and respectfully towards their fellow college residents.

“Where damages do occur, they are often accidental.

“The charges made to students who lost keys or damage property are fair and reasonable.

“The money raised from disciplinary fines makes a very small contribution towards the total cost of student administration and welfare.”

One thought on “Students shell out £40k on Uni fines

  1. This (like the CHEATING SHAME article) has the potential to be interesting, but it hasn’t been fulfilled. The colleges aren’t all the same size (e.g. Halifax is apparently the largest). I wonder what story would emerge if we did some arithmetic – perhaps if we divided the total amount of fines by the number of residents (and, in the case of Constantine, somehow took into account the age of the college). I don’t feel like I’m asking for the moon on a stick here.

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