Student finds SNAIL in Derwent catered meal

The Facebook page shares snaps sent in anonymously by students.

A snap shows the moment a student found a SNAIL in their catered meal.

Uploaded to social media, the image appears to show the creature on a piece of  boiled cabbage.

It was noticed after the student tucked in to their meal at Derwent College, offered by the university’s standard accommodation catering service.

Last year, York Vision reported a maggot being found on a piece of broccoli.

The student, who did not wish to be named, claims they noticed it after purchasing the vegetable at Nisa Local on Market Square.

2 thoughts on “Student finds SNAIL in Derwent catered meal

  1. I once found a piece of chicken in my chicken curry when having my catered meal at derwent. I was shocked to say the least. Hasn’t happened since. Thank goodness it was a one off.

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