Societies forced out: GRIM times for student media

Credit: Paul Wace

Student societies have spoken out after being given a MONTH to move out of their media offices.

In an email from YUSU, societies including York Vision, Nouse, Lemon Press, and HARDzine have all been told that they will have to pack their bags.

This is due to planned ‘major works’ on Grimston House, near Market Square, which houses their offices, as well as those of other societies and Nightsafe.

The works are planned to start at the end of February, and continue until mid to late April.

Chris Owen, Editor of Nouse, slammed the lack of communication from YUSU, claiming their response showed “a profound lack of respect and consideration for the work done by societies.”

YUSU President Ben Leatham responded to the concerns raised, saying: “YUSU are currently in discussions with the University Estates Department on this matter. We are trying to reach a compromise that will satisfy all parties.

“The groups located in Grimston House work incredibly hard, often to tight deadlines, and it’s important that their needs are catered to.”

Credit: Paul Wace

Alex Lusty, Editor of the Lemon Press, said the planned works were “very conveniently placed at the busiest time of year for societies.”

Florence Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of HARD Magazine, also blasted the treatment of media societies, saying that it “seems indicative of the lack of respect that the university has for the hard work of media societies.”

She said: “Student media is an integral part of York in raising awareness of issues and events, and providing an outlet for free speech and expression.

“It is therefore disappointing that we haven’t been factored into the equation when plans for Grimston House developments were drawn up.”

However, she added that she was optimistic that the situation was simply the result of miscommunication and could be resolved with the help of YUSU.