Sexual consent material to be included in STYC training

Photo Cat Wayland

styc image 2

New specialist consent-based training is to be offered to STYCs this year.

The YUSU President Sam Maguire said: “In order to reduce sexual harassment and assault on campus, YUSU and the college committees are introducing consent material into the training programme for STYCs and Head STYCs.

“This will inform these positions of their responsibilities and how to effectively report incidents.

“It is vital as they are the leaders and role models for new students arriving at the University and set the boundaries about what is and isn’t okay.

“This will be supported by consent talks in every college across campus for new students similar to the talk that was given in James College at the start of this year.”

This builds on Maguire’s relaunched campaign to tackle lad culture.

Recently YUSU have held “good lad” workshops which have been attended by various sports clubs.

These workshops came shortly after York Vision revealed inappropriate behaviour from sports clubs, including the Hockey Social Sec Twitter account sharing racist and misogynistic content.