ROSES 2016: As weekend approaches, York teams prepare to keep Roses white


York's Cheerleaders went to three competitions this year with their two cheerleading squads (Black & Gold), three group stunt squads (Queen Bees, Stingers and PITA) and three dance squads (Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop). Fantastically, Pom Squad and Stingers Group Stunt won the British Cheerleading Association University Nationals and Stingers also won Grand Champions at the Future Cheer Circus Spectacular. Cheerleading was added to Roses for the first time last year, in which York triumphed, but this year is the first year that points are on the line. They are hopeful to be able to continue the winning streak and bring home the points for York.


University of York Darts Club hold high expectations after having successful practice sessions in the lead up to Roses. They have had a huge boost after having both teams qualify; the firsts are currently settled at the top position of their respective league (NEUDL) and the second team are 4th. The women’s teams are holding their own ground and competing very well with the mens team. Although having a year seemingly filled with success Lancaster cast a shadow of doubt over the victory lusted after by York as they have equally strong teams, however they are still gunning for the win.


A spate of poor weather has left the University’s cricket club with only one pre-BUCS season fixture of practice in hand between the three teams, says player Adam McAuley. He said: “Maybe we lack a bit of match practice but the lads have put in a lot of hard work throughout winter with our new coach Ruan Louw, a highly credentialed coach we’ve found from Yorkshire County Cricket Club.”

The boys are confident however that they will continue form following last Roses’s white-rose-washing of the field leaving the away side down 111 runs. The seconds team are set to begin proceedings on Thursday, the first game of the weekend. McAuley encouraged spectators to come down and show their support, adding: “Each game will undoubtedly be entertaining, making for an enthusing spectacle and an ideal opportunity to enjoy a few beers in what hopefully will be the start of our long anticipated northern summer.”


Enjoying good form at home, the University’s firsts team has seen less glory on the away pitch, seeing poor results from fixtures against those at the bottom of the league. However, the team has had a vigorous training regime in the run-up to Roses, with the team practising their game at 22 Acres every day for the past two weeks. Last year saw two wins and a draw, and players are hopeful they will be able to repeat their stellar performance.


Badminton teams at York have gone from strength to strength with both the men’s and ladies teams being promoted, with the Men’s A’s also enjoying an unbeaten season. Roses only consists of doubles and mixed badminton matches, so training has been adjusted accordingly in order to face an improved Lancaster side which also saw their Men’s firsts promoted to Division 1. Player Alex Ingham rose to the challenge, saying: “It’s going to be more difficult than last year but we have prepared well so hopefully we just perform on the day.” York triumphed at home last year, taking home the gold for mixed ladies’ doubles and men’s doubles.


Since the first day after Roses 2015, FragSoc players have been relentless in their training. The time and effort has paid off with some of their highest achieving members coming in the top 8 last summer in the largest competition in the UK. They have held a strong online presence in the National University eSports League. This year FragSoc only have eyes for the win at Roses 2016, being driven forward by the new found recognition eSports has been given this year as they are now able to gain official tournament points like all the other competing sports.