Not-so-grand goodbye for former Vice Chancellor

A former deputy Vice-Chancellor at the centre of a racism row was given a very low key send-off when she left last summer.

Dr Jane Grenville left her post as the second in command last September after more than three years in the top job.

Now fresh information obtained by York Vision under the Freedom of Information Act has discovered that Grenville, who was also acting vice-chancellor for three months in 2013, was given a frugal budget of just £875 for refreshments and lunch as part of her leaving party. As a
result, it was hosted by YUSU in The Kitchen and was attended by just 150 people.

In 2010, Dr Jane Grenville was accused of making “scandalous” comments after she admitted using YUSU’s first black president, Tim Ngwena, in a video film because of his skin colour.

“That’s why we put Tim in,” she said. “It’s difficult to walk up to someone and say ‘can we interview you because of the colour of your skin’.”

One thought on “Not-so-grand goodbye for former Vice Chancellor

  1. Jane was an absolutely fantastic VC. She was down to earth and full of lovely comments. She would always help a student out whether they be at the top of bottom of the ‘food chain’. Really, genuinely lovely, woman. Wishing her all the best in her new role at Kings Manor

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