No ‘Grenfell Tower’ Cladding on Campus, Investigation Finds

There is no dangerous cladding on buildings owned or managed by the University, an internal review of 90 buildings has found.

The news comes after student residences across the country were evacuated this week, after the type of cladding which was thought to be a cause in the Grenfell Tower disaster was discovered on the buildings.

Buildings owned by University Partnerships Programme (UPP) at Nottingham Trent University were cleared on Wednesday, after it was revealed a complex was clad in similar materials used on the Grenfell Tower block. Buildings in Halifax, Wentworth and Alcuin Colleges are also owned by UPP.

However, university officials have reassured students living in UPP owned accommodation on-campus that there is no risk, stating: “It has been independently confirmed that the UPP properties comply with building regulations and are not clad with materials currently under investigation.”

When asked by Vision about the University’s policy on cladding, a spokesperson said: “University Fire Safety management systems and arrangements are constantly monitored against legislative fire safety standards; any deficiencies are highlighted and remedial action taken.”

They added: “We have an extensive fire detection system in place and a robust evacuation policy across campus.

There are dedicated fully trained members of staff in fire safety procedures located in every building on campus. All staff and students receive a Fire Safety Briefing at the start of term.”

York alumnus and leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, Nicholas Paget-Brown, yesterday resigned his position, over the Council’s “perceived failings” in the wake of the disaster. The Council has been sharply criticised for not providing suitable support for victims of the Tower tragedy.

Student blocks at Lincoln, Nottingham Trent, Edinburgh Napier, Bournemouth and Essex Universities are among those which have been flagged as potentially having similar-style cladding to the type used at Grenfell Tower.

80 people have been confirmed to have lost their lives at Grenfell Tower, after a blaze broke out on the 14th June. However, police have warned that the full death may not be known until the end of the year.