New Vice-Chancellor strategy: Lamberts with new move

A new strategy strategy has been announced by the Vice Chancellor of the university, Koen Lamberts.

The strategy, which is due to be implented as part of a five to ten year plan was announced this week at a press conference. Lamberts announced news that many students who live and study on the Heslington West campus may be glad to hear, stating that the old 1960s and 1970s structures would be replaced.

The university has put in planning permission for a range of commercial buildings as well as accomodation on their Heslington East campus too.  The strategy promises to continue to allow greater investment into sports facilites, YUSU and the GSA as well as the university’s International Foundation.

The strategy also marks the establishment of a number of new institutions at the university including a Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme which guarantees students a four year research course and place at the university as an academic afterwards.

A new ‘Graduate School’ is to be set up to oversee post-graduate programmes alongside a new change of faculty organisation which will be headed by a Dean of Faculty and board of members.
The strategy is also looking into setting up a Distance Learning Sceme. This would infer selecting specific courses to reach groups that otherwise would not be reached.

When Vision spoke to the Vice-Chancellor, he decided it is “time to consider” the changes with regard to huge planning of refurbishment the university.

Mainly the Vice-Chancellors strategy involves a number of changes to the university that will be put in place the coming years. He added “the universities buildings are designed to have a limited life span and the university has kept them going, but it comes to a point where its simply not, doesn’t make economical and an ecological sense we have to think it’s time to replace them. So that’s a decision you need to make, amd what i say here that it is at least time to reconsider.”