College Profile: Goodricke

Established: 1968

Motto: “Setting the standard”, or the classic “Goodricke till I die”

College Chair: Tara Annison

Comfortably reclusive, yet cosy. Much like our ensuites.

Goodricke College stands at the forefront of Heslington East campus. It’s a shining beacon of top class student living, complete with intimately arranged nature-inspired Courts and a healthy abundance of wooden paneling. It serves as a welcoming vestibule for the rest of the “other” campus.

Goodricke hopped from Heslington West campus to found Heslington East campus in 2009. It has three courts, Kenneth Dixon Court, Oliver Sheldon Court and Janet Baker Court. And along with the Nucleus (home to the student common rooms and the JCRC) they all boast modern designs, in both rooms and kitchens. The college does a wonderful job of balancing this sleek modern composition with plentiful homely feels (all through the magic of comfy sofas and lots of outside grassy spaces for students to graze in). And with further renovations to the campus in the imminent future, such as the opening of shops, Goodricke promises to be standing at the heart of the future for accommodation at the University.

Goodricke has always had a strong welfare support network. The college offers a wealth of different support roles that will offer a keen helping hand should there be a need for one. Among them are the College Tutors, that live in the courts, and can offer support to all, 24/7. I remember when I lived in Goodricke my College Tutor would come round every sunday morning to any room that had it’s door open (and it’s occupants decent, of course), just to see how everyone was getting on. She was always ready with a smile and words of friendly support. The Tutors, along with your own personal STYCs (second and third year contacts) will be your first friends at the college. Other than your flatmates of course, that can end up like family.

Living in Goodricke means access to a range of great facilities, from bar The Glasshouse, to the Sports Village at the end of the campus (complete with it’s gym, swimming pool, and soon it’s velodrome). Goodricke is right next to multiple department buildings, such as the Law & Management building and the Film and Theatre Studies building (which is handy if you choose to do one of those courses, as you could be one of those blessed students who are able to tumble out of bed and straight into a lecture hall). And right next to those buildings is the Ron Cooke Hub, that offers a multitude of computer rooms and teaching rooms.

Along with multiple events in the year, such as the annual GoodFest (a large student run festival on campus with live acts, tie dye stalls, food & drink, and a giant 100ft inflatable assault course), and the frequent RAG run GoodFood events (basically lots of lovely free food), all set against the green and open backdrop of Heslington East, it is clear to see Goodricke College will always hold a wonderful balance between a quiet tranquil environment to work in, and a buzzing social sphere to live in.