College Guide: Alcuin

york-alcuin-accommodation-2Ensuite accommodation.

Closest to the library.

Best welfare team.

2 cafes: Kitchen and Bistro

Alcuin. Home of the Red Army, the Bistro and some of the finest en suites on the west side of Heslington – what more could you want? What Alcuin may be slightly lacking in crazy, alcohol-fuelled events we more than make up for in accommodation, the best JCRC (as awarded by YUSU) and ability to cure a hangover.

Consider this: you’ve been on a heavy night out, probably a Derwent event, and the next day you can sleep until noon in the tranquillity of the quietest college on campus, before popping down to the Bistro for some pizza to soak up the last of the night before. Sound ideal? I think so.

On top of this when it comes to exam season, you don’t have to worry about all the noise coming from the college bar – because there isn’t one – and can study in peace either in your room or in the library, which is situated conveniently next to Alcuin! You may think this isn’t important, but believe me when you’re coming out of Harry Fairhurst at 3am the night before an exam, you’ll thank your lucky stars you can be in your Alcuin bed in less than 7 minutes.

Living in Alcuin you can stroll over to Derwent easily to join their club nights and use their bars, but you then have the quiet haven on the corner of campus to escape to when rest is needed. It is the perfect balance.