Fire alarm triggers from botched cooking in sharp fall

derwentkitchenThe number of fire alarms being set off at University accommodation because of cooking-related activities has fallen sharply, new data shows.

In 2013, a total of 42 evacuations were made from campus blocks, including Fairfax House, following botched culinary attempts by students.

But this is less than the 74 alarms triggered in 2012, and sharply down on the 90 activated in 2011.

And according to the figures, four of the 42 alarms triggered in 2013 resulted in full-scale fires.

The statistics, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, also show that in the last five years, there have been 11 accommodation-related fires, with the most being at Halifax College.

Other than cooking, fires have been caused due to items being left on hobs and clothes being left over light fittings.

One call-out however, left officials baffled as a plant was caught ablaze in a student’s bedroom.

A statement in the request confirmed that security attendance to fire alarm activities is made within an agreed timeframe of 4 minutes.

Students can incur penalties from the University if they are found to be setting off fire alarms maliciously.