£500 Derwent Fire Shocker: Blaze in student’s room


Fire services were this month called  to a blaze in a Derwent room, suspected to have been caused by discarded cigarettes.

Students on the ground floor of Derwent College’s D Block had to spend most of the night in D Bar after being evacuated at around half three in the morning on Friday 13.

The student whose room was involved in the fire is being forced to pay at least £500 charge for the fire brigade being called out plus an undisclosed fee for damage to the room.

Smoke damage caused to other rooms have also landed the student with a £200 fine per room.

A statement released by the North Yorkshire Fire Service said the fire occurred at 3:15am.

They said: “On crews arrival they found that it was a fire in a small waste paper bin, which caused 5% fire damage to the bin, and 80% smoke damage to the room.

“Crews used a foam extinguisher and a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the smoke.

“The cause is suspected to be discarded smoking materials.”

Security also released a statement and said: “In line with University policy and guidelines an on going investigation is taking place.”

A female student reportedly also grazed her knee on evacuating the building, requiring medical attention at York Hospital A&E.