10 Homes Burgled in 7 Days: Students targeted in spate of break-ins


Students have been urged to secure their homes after a recent spate of burglaries in York.

Ten houses have been targeted since February 12, with the majority of them being student houses, according to North Yorkshire Police.

The affected properties are located in the Heworth, Osbaldwick and Tang Hall areas of the city.

Items stolen include bikes, laptops, phones, tablets, games consoles and even bottles of whiskey.

North Yorkshire police have stated the enquiries are ongoing and have urged residents to ensure doors and windows are locked and to keep records of valuable possessions, including the serial numbers of electrical items.

David Duncan, University Registrar & Secretary, said: “We have been made aware of a spate of sneak-in burglaries in the Heworth/Tang Hall/Hull Road area over the last few days – some of them in houses of multiple occupancy.

“Small transportable items such as laptops, wallets, phones and also cycles appear to be being targeted.

“We endorse the advice given by the Police – students should make sure that windows and doors are locked and that valuables are kept in a secure place.

“We are issuing this message through a variety of media to try to ensure that as many students as possible are aware of it.

“Our security staff are re-convening the Campus Crime Reduction Team and are working with North Yorkshire Police, Safer Neighbourhoods and other agencies to identify any further steps they can take to support students.”

YUSU's Bob the Burglar
YUSU’s Bob the Burglar

YUSU Welfare and Community Officer Jemima Busby added: “While York is a very safe city residents should always be vigilant about the security of their homes.

“I would strongly encourage all students to keep their doors and windows locked at all times.

“It can sometimes be tempting to leave your door unlocked for a friend, however this is putting your property and safety at risk.

“YUSU works in partnership with North Yorkshire Police running the ‘Bob the Burglar’ campaign to show the implications of an insecure property, we have found that this is extremely effective in encouraging all residents to lock their doors and windows.”