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The Big Disconnect – Migrants and Prevent

I think I will start by quoting what Jeremy McLellan, comedian, said during the Hurricane Irma in the USA, “Florida is currently undergoing the largest evacuation in United States history.

Competition has finally improved my life as a courier cyclist

Jason Brown Riding A Bike

The gig economy, whether good or bad, liberating or exploitative, is subject to much debate. In my year of working in it, it’s been all of those things. I started

Make Britain Great Again: Remove International Students From Migration Quotas

‘If you want to see what’s going to happen in the UK politics, you just need to look at what happened 10 years ago in the US politics’ – It

DOM SMITHIES: Welfare provision is too important to change without student consultation

This opinion piece was written in response to a Vision News Story. I was approached by Vision to write something on what I thought about Derwent’s new tutor system, but,

NEW Stress Relief Programme Seeks Student Volunteers

Exams. They start in two weeks. And I’m stressed. I expect you might be too, with over three quarters of university students reporting being stressed in their daily lives. Around this point

YES/NO: Should YUSU have a ‘Working Class Students’ Officer’?

Michaela Tharby – YES: The University of York is a leader in diversifying intake, yet nothing is done to bridge the attainment gap between classes and class differences are persistently

ARTHUR REYNOLDS: Let them eat cake?

We are a nation obsessed with cake. Every Wednesday at 8pm, my female flatmates gather in our pokey living room to absorb the bastion of British TV that is the

JOSH SALISBURY: All about halls – why there shouldn’t be LGBTQ-only accomodation

A  few weeks ago, a series of websites reported that students were campaigning for separate LGBTQ accommodation on university campuses, including here at York. The proposal would be for students

DIANNE APEN-SADLER: Why I’m leaving education – and not coming back

Okay I’ll admit it – this title is a bit misleading. I’m not leaving education in any kind of dramatic fashion, I’m not quitting my studies or dropping out: I’m

YES/NO: Should YUSU remain affiliated with the NUS?

YES: Chris Wall, leader of the 'Yes' campaign The NUS isn’t a perfect organisation, but there are two parts to it. The democratic structures, and the work they do to make

DOM SMITHIES: NUS and Monty Python – The case for affiliation

The current culture of distancing oneself, disassociating and disaffiliating from anything that is even perceived to be bad is a worrying trend of late; a knee-jerk reaction without thorough objective

YES/NO: Is The Tab bad for student journalism?

YES – PAUL WACE, YORK VISION EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Journalism is meant to hold the powerful to account, to advance self-governance and inform democracy. Good journalism is motivated by the value of

ALEX LUSTY: The NUS is a clique that doesn’t do students justice

Unrepresentative.  Cliquey. Irrelevant. These are just a few of the many, many accusations levelled at student politics. These all have varying degrees of justification, but perhaps the most stinging attack

SIMON COCKERILL: Why we scrapped Chav D

Chav D is an event that has divided students more and more each time throughout its 6 year course. For some the event is nothing more than a crude joke

SCOTT DAWSON: Mental health services are not up to scratch

As we head towards the end of another academic year, the challenge of adequate mental health provision continues. The same discussion was being had when I started here in 2012. 

Why Willow Still Matters

Abbie Llewelyn was possibly the Willow Disco's biggest fan, and here she explains why the now long-closed Willow still matters