Outdoor Sports and Activities to Recommence

Union and college clubs will be permitted to go forth with outdoor, organised training.

Sports President Maddi Cannell today announced that outdoor sport would be coming back as soon as 6 April.

Union and college clubs will be permitted to go forth with outdoor, organised training.

Such a date to reignite the highly anticipated sessions may seem strange, as it is within the bracket of the Easter holiday, although this accommodates for students who may have chosen to stay in the city over the break.

Despite initial predictions stating the return of college training to be on 29 March, risk assessments highlighted a number of faults with this plan. The new date of 6 April follows an updated track and trace system as well as making sure all groups have the correct national governing bodies (NGB) documentation. Such precautionary steps will ensure activities to be COVID-19 secure.

YUSU claim to be operationalising the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) guidelines, and have released Step 1B guidance criteria to guarantee safety during any sporting conduct.

For training sessions organised by clubs, committees have been sent relevant forms and information on how to bring these about. It is advised to look out for any posts from the society you are interested in for any updates that may require your attention.

However, no further information has been given in regards to the reimbursements of students unfulfilled membership payments.

In her post, Maddi highlights that the return to play sessions will be hosted next week for both union and college club committees in an attempt to bolster student enthusiasm and activity towards campus sport.

Alternatively, indoor sport will continue to be restricted if those who are playing are not in a household bubble. This will be in place until Step 3 of the roadmap has been achieved.

The Union are trying to move indoor sports to the great outside. But whilst some sports, such as netball, maybe easy to move, others prove more of a challenge, such as squash.

For anyone who is looking to find out more, it is advised to speak to your respective club captain or committee, who have been given specific guidance relating to their sport.