Last-Minute Darts Final for YSTV

Moore! Moore! Moore!

(Image: Pixabay)

During Roses Saturday’s Dart’s match, history was made as YSTV’s very own Kira Moore, stepped up to the mark by filling in as a substitute for York’s Women’s Darts team due to a few last-minute drop-outs in the team despite never playing professionally before.

Originally, York Sport Union President Franki Riley was set to bring along two extra players to fill in the gaps, but unfortunately only managed to get one, meaning that one of the Lancaster players wouldn’t have been able to play.

However, in true Roses spirit, Darts captain Daniel was quick to fix the issue by approaching producer Kira and saying ‘‘You’re a York woman, will you do it?”  and offered to buy her a pint afterwards for saving the day.

Showing true sportsmanship, Kira of course agreed, and onto the playing field, she strutted with none other than Olivia Rodrigo playing in the background to really get her in the spirit. 

Speaking to Kira after the game, she said “it was very intimidating being on the stage, with a fair bit of heckling from Lancaster, but all in good spirits – I still had my comms in my ears!”

Despite not really knowing how the scoring system worked, the referee soon explained how it all worked and off she went.

At the beginning of her matches, Kira was absolutely annihilating the Lancaster side, and you could clearly see the disbelief on her opponent’s face. However, despite being in the lead right up until the last few close points, Lancaster did take home the victory.

Nevertheless, Kira had a great time competing and was happy to have been able to support York. From now on she will be forever known as ‘Kira Moore – Producer/Darts Extraordinaire’ – pretty iconic if you ask me!