YUSU Have Not Given Up on Us

Brooke Davies

YUSU have refused to accept that student life will be drastically different, which we have to commend. 

Universities across the country have set a depressing tone to their new and returning students, with warnings of strict social distancing measures, and an academic year consisting of cancelled events and early nights. 

York, however, have not given up hope; the University and YUSU have done well to maintain some sense of excitement. Their quick creation of The Forest, a whole new venue placed at the centre of West Campus, shows that YUSU have not allowed student living to be a forgotten dream. 

The establishment of YUFund Kickstart proves that student led activities are not an afterthought. These groups and projects are the very centre of many student’s lives and careers while at University, and YUSU have done a good job at showing that they have not forgotten us.