Hands Off My Healthcare

Melissa James

Abortion is a woman's personal choice, not a debate for government

(Image: rollingstone.com)

I appreciate the determination of every advocate and activist in this generation; some largely less so than others. I can admire their passion, but I can despise their message. That is the beauty of free-speech and no censorship.

Pro-life to me is a humorous concept – not because I get a thrill from dead foetus’ – but because there is nothing remotely pro-life about the movement. Simply put, they are pro-birth. In their arguments and placards, they ignore the mother. To them, she is simply a vessel. A victim of sexual assault, incest, or faulty contraception? No. Now she is a womb. Their life is finished, done, over. All care migrates to the foetus.

Someone truly pro-life would care about the annual 25 million women accessing unsafe abortions in countries with restrictive laws (World Health Organization) – the pregnancy they’re carrying detrimentally affecting their health (mental or physical) or safety. Each so desperate they would risk their lives. 

In the UK, in our ever-crumbling society, children are starving, and people cannot afford to heat their homes or buy basic necessities. Pro-birthers are concerning themselves with a consequence of social dilemmas and not an actual problem. Acting as though a woman craves the emotional and physical trauma of an abortion, they ignore their rational reasoning, instead deciding they have been coerced and forced by medical professionals. Blissfully ignoring the potentiality that they are taking their parental role soberly and making the difficult decision that for whatever reason, the time is not right for new life.  

I beg that pro-birthers direct their time to the eradication of food poverty, the campaign for better access to sexual health and reproduction education or an endless list of other social issues. They will then see a natural decline in abortions. Instead, whilst they continue to vilify desperate women, they will see no success. Their venom will inspire the voices of Pro-choicers to speak louder. 

Abortion Resist UK (the motivation of this article) is an organisation, “focused on ending the culture of death by actively campaigning for a better solution than abortion”. Their tactic of flooding social media timelines with harmful statements and twisting of statistics all relies on emotional manipulation, diminishing any credibility of their activism. Unlike, the Pro-choice movement they neglect factual integrity, and crusade with emotional blackmail and not much else in their armoury apart from tacky Canva designs with rage inducing claims. They also dabble in TikTok, little information on how they are “campaigning for a better solution” but lots on how they are morally superior to anyone who dare believe in body autonomy. Openly admitting that they are targeting the young users of social media who have not yet decided on their thoughts over abortion they attempt to ply them with their half-made arguments and inaccuracies. 

Illegalising abortions would be akin to only putting out a fire in one room of an engulfed house. Momentarily, there would celebration, but those flames will soon come back bigger and unregulated. There would be more blood on Pro-life hands than anyone who had ever been involved with safe abortions.