York Pop Up Vaccination Clinic to Open on Campus

Eligible people will be invited to the York Sport Centre on Monday 14 June.

A pop up vaccination clinic will open on 14 June at the York Sport Centre on Campus West. 

The University of York has partnered with Nimbuscare, who are running the Covid-19 vaccination programme in York, to set up the clinic.

Eligible students and local residents will be invited via text message and able to make an appointment for their first vaccination at the clinic, which will be open from 2pm to 6pm on 14 June.

Nimbuscare has said that they “are hoping to host a second clinic later at the same location”.

The University has also asked students to complete an optional pre-registration form for vaccination, to support access to vaccines as younger age groups become eligible and plan for future clinics.

This pre-registration form is available here.

While this clinic initially will only be offering first vaccine doses, Nimbuscare have said that their “clinical team will be on hand on 14 June to answer questions regarding second vaccinations.

“People will be invited for a second vaccination within 12 weeks and should follow the guidance provided”.