Tender is the (Club) Night

Venues and promoters can now bid for official YUSU club nights, but some have criticised the process.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

YUSU this week announced that they have opened a tender process for official club nights next academic year.

In a post on their website, YUSU has said that they welcomed interest from “any venues [of 400+ capacity] or promoters who would like to pitch for a night(s)”.

This announcement of the tender process came only a few days before the deadline to register interest tomorrow, and the Facebook post of the announcement attracted some criticism.

One comment claimed: “Despite constant promises that things will change and alternative student nights will have an opportunity to be an ‘official student night’, nothing has changed in the last 10 years and it always goes to York Parties”.

Another local promoter encouraged others to not put a tender in, describing the process as “a waste of time” and saying that “the University shouldn’t be telling their students where to go, the students can decide for themselves”.

The tender process will decide contracts that will be in place from September this year until at least June 2022.

Sophie Kelly, YUSU’s Activities Officer, commented:

“The tender process is one that we’re not required to do, but have always done to ensure that Sabbs can represent the voice of students to our potential partners. The basic things we’re looking for from our new partner are; the capability to cater to as many students as possible with their nights, a strong commitment to investing back into student activity on campus through sponsorship, a dedication to working with us to ensure student wellbeing on a night out and that their values align with the Union’s.”

“However, outside of those, I am committed to listening to and involving student voices in the process via consultation over the next couple of weeks so I can represent you as best I can, as promised in my manifesto.  I urge people to keep an eye on my social media accounts if they would like to be involved in this. Your voices will be heard on this and together we can revive the nightlife in York.”