Students Call for Club Boycott After Spiking Reports

York societies, sports clubs and colleges have supported the campaign.

A major rise in reports of spiking at UK universities has led to students calling for the boycott of nightclubs. 

Girls Night In York are one group launched in response to students’ reports and are asking students to boycott all clubs on Wednesday October 27. 

Their campaign has been met with support from colleges, societies and sports clubs across the University who are aiming to raise awareness of the increased amount of reported spiking both in York and nationwide.  

Derwent, James and Alcuin Colleges, among others, have pledged support for the club boycott on social media, as have York’s netball and men’s and women’s rugby clubs.

Multiple groups including The Last Taboo York and Girls Night In York have also circulated a petition with over 130,000 signatures with the aim of making it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests on entry. 

However, this idea has been met with concern from some on social media that it would place too much power in the hands of bouncers. 

Mike Kill, chairman of the Night-Time Industries Association, told BBC News that his members “have definitely seen an increase in cases” of drink spiking over recent weeks.

Spiking has been a known issue in clubs for years but reports of spiking using injections have sparked new fears.

Nottinghamshire Police alone are currently investigating 12 instances of spiking where the victims believe they were injected with a needle. 

If spiked with a needle, the NHS urges victims to seek medical advice immediately as medications like PEP, a free anti-HIV medication, is most effective when taken as soon as possible. 

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