Stone Roses and Charles XII bid to extending opening hours

Two popular venues in York have put in applications to extend their opening times.

The Stone Roses Bar, and The Charles XII have both put in licensing applications which would allow them to continue serving alcohol for additional hour on top of their current licencing hours.

If passed this would allow Stone Roses to serve drinks up until 2am on all days of the week, and the Charles XII to serve drinks until midnight from Monday to Saturday.  The Charles has additionally applied for the right to show films.

This comes a year after the Licensing Committee shortened Stone Roses’ licence by 2 hours, leading it to being briefly closed during the past academic year.

With student nightlife under threat across York, these applications could be seen as test cases for how committed York’s councillors are to protecting it’s nightlife. Nightclubs such as Mansion, Fibbers, Salvation and Society have all come under threat during 2019 with the former pair both having their current locations.

YUSU Activities Officer Ollie Martin welcomed the news. Martin, who has campaigned for the protection of York’s venues and drinking establishments, told York Vision that he thought “extended hours for the venues, which are particularly popular with students, would be a positive thing”.

The change, in relation to the closing of venues in York’s city centre, could result in a greater divide between students and residents. Venues such as Mansion and Fibbers closing could make students further gravitate towards Heslington and away from the rest of the city.

Featured image by Adam Bruderer

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