Pride Flag Crossing Unveiled

"We understand so much more needs to be done ... but we're happy with this progressive step made by the University."

YUSU LGBTQ Officers standing in front of the new inclusive road crossing
(Image: Alex Holland)

The University of York has unveiled a new “inclusive road crossing,” which features the colours of the Progress Pride Flag, outside the Spring Lane Building.

The crossing, which has been completed ahead of LGBT+ History Month in February, was described by the University as a symbol of its commitment to inclusivity, and celebrating the diversity of staff and students.

Matt Rogan and Dan Loyd, YUSU LGBTQ Officers, speaking to York Vision, said: “We knew about the crossing from our meetings with the LGBTI+ Staff Network, and are happy to have been invited to the unveiling!”

“We understand so much more needs to be done, particularly around mental health and support services, but we’re happy with this progressive step made by the University.”

The Progress Pride Flag includes all the colours of the Rainbow Pride flag, as well as black and brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBT+ communities of colour, along with the colours pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Trans Pride Flag. The black and brown stripes also represent those living with AIDS, and those no longer living.

Carly Precious, Community and Wellbeing Officer at YUSU, welcomed the unveiling, saying that “the crossing is a way of integrating inclusivity into our everyday lives, and symbolises our goal to be a welcoming and accepting community.”

The crossing has new dropped kerbs and tactile paving to ensure it is accessible for all, and was suggested by the LGBTI+ Matters Staff Network and other staff at the University after the current crossing outside the Spring Lane Building was due for renewal.