NEW Campus Bar Announced

The opening of a new bar comes with the announcement that others will remain closed.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

In an email sent to employees today, YUSU announced the opening of The Lakeside Tap, a new bar situated on Greg’s Place.

The bar will be entirely outdoors, and will be operated by staff from The Forest.

It was also revealed that Courtyard will undergo work to improve the outdoor seating area, whilst Vanbrugh Arms will stay closed throughout the term due to COVID restrictions. 

It is currently unclear when the new bar is expected to open for business.

A Venue Manager at YUSU stated in the email that :“This will be another outdoor bar area, right on the heart of campus”. 

The email continued: “The Courtyard will remain in hibernation for now so that it can have some much needed work done to the outdoor area and Vanburgh Arms will also remain closed for this term due to its lack of outdoor seating and the new Covid rules”. 

The opening of The Lakeside Tap coincides with the re-opening of The Forest, the outdoor YUSU bar which was opened for the first time in October to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.

YUSU President Patrick O’Donnell has been contacted for comment.