Maskell and Sturdy keep seats in Tory landslide

Conservative Julian Sturdy and Labour’s Rachael Maskell have been re-elected as York Outer and York Central MPs respectively as part of the Conservative landslide majority in the 2019 General Election.

Both Maskell and Sturdy have a smaller share of the vote than in 2017 with Maskell’s loss of 10% reflecting the situation for the Labour Party up and down the country.

Maskell’s Conservative opponent Fabia Tate also returned a smaller share of the vote for her party with the Liberal Democrats, the Brexit Party, the Yorkshire Party, and the Green Party increasing their share at the expense of Labour and the Tories.

In York Outer, both Labour and Conservative votes seem to have swung to the Liberal Democrats’ Keith Aspen who came in third with an increased share.

There were no changes of seat in North Yorkshire but the Labour wipeout across the country, there are now questions over Maskell’s position within Labour as an avid supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who announced his intention to resign after Labour’s worst result since 1983.