Free Accomodation for Quarantining International Students

Two weeks of free accommodation and assistance with shopping will be offered to international students forced to quarantine when they arrive in York.

This comes after students at Oriel College, Oxford were informed they would have to pay a £400 food bill for the two week quarantine period, averaging almost £10 per meal.

This was denounced “unexpected and unacceptable” by the Oriel JCR International officer in a comment to Cherwell.

The University of York told York Vision that help will be given to students arriving from outside the UK who need to quarantine when they arrive. International students are being offered free accommodation for the two weeks before term starts, as well as assistance with food and shopping.

All international students, with the exception of those arriving from countries covered by the travel corridor exemption, those within the common travel area or British overseas territories, will have to quarantine for 14 days on their return. According to a June IDP Connect study, 77% of international students being willing to do this rather than deferring.

Third year Social and Political Sciences student, Anna Rousso, returns from her home in Athens this September.

“In order to succeed to make students feel welcome and safe this has to be a collective effort. As an international student I don’t believe it’s clear for everyone how risky it is for us in a time like this to move away from family so we can proceed or begin our studies”.