Ex Green Party Vice-Chair’s Revealed as Anti-Vaxxer and Conspiracy Theorist

June Tranmer has been revealed as a member of the main Facebook page of conspiracy theorist spreading group: Wake Up Yorkshire.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

The former Vice-Chair of the York Green Party, and three time council candidate June Tranmer has been revealed as a member of the main Facebook page of conspiracy theorist spreading group: Wake Up Yorkshire.

Since Tranmer joined in early October 2020, the group has primarily shared COVID-19 denying content, suggesting that the lockdown is staged and that COVID vaccines could cause deaths, having also spread false information surrounding 5G.

Tranmer has told York Vision that they “disagree with the Party over their vaccine policy”, and that they “have very good reasons for opposing the current vaccinations”.

Tranmer’s response continued to explain that the current approach of vaccinating against COVID is a “knee-jerk application of a cocktail of chemicals… that leave people’s immune systems further damaged”, and their worries that the UK doesn’t have an organisation “who are simply standing up for parents of vaccine damaged children”.

It was noted that “children now are subject to approximately 70 vaccinations – and it is increasing steadily”, but this is a figure from the US, which states that children receive 70 doses of 16 vaccinations, and the rise in vaccinations tracks to the 90% decrease of worldwide cases of Measles, Diphtheria, and Tetanus.

Tranmer highlighted the “general anti-health assumptions over the pandemic”, specifically referring to “Neil Ferguson and his imaginary 500,000 deaths” which stems from a report predicting half a million deaths if nothing was done.

This was followed by decrying “the censorship and insults aimed at highly intelligent researchers”, and eventually stating that the American Centre for Disease Control “has recently admitted that vaccines are in fact implicated in autism”, despite the CDC stating plainly that “vaccines do not cause autism”, and “vaccine ingredients do not cause autism”.


After York Vision contacted the York Green Party, they provided an official response stating:

“The Green Party policy on the coronavirus, lockdowns and vaccination is clear. You only have to take one look at our social media pages to see that we have been campaigning to see all front line workers prioritised in the vaccination.

“June posted in these groups in a personal capacity and the views shared in the Wake Up Yorkshire Facebook group shared by do not represent those of the Green Party. All our policies can be clearly found online.”

York Vision has previously reported on Wake Up Yorkshire when they targeted campus in a leafleting campaign, and the page continues to ask its members and supporters to write letters, run info stands, and release social media content.

Tranmer’s only interaction with the group was informing the page she couldn’t attend a rally in October because she would be at work.

This is not the first time Tranmer has expressed conspiratorial beliefs, having stated support for the MMR vaccine causing autism in 2013, and that half of all children will be autistic due to herbicides by 2025 in 2014 on their personal Twitter account.

This is also found from Tranmer’s professional Twitter account as an acupuncture practitioner at the Wellbeing in York centre.

Here Tranmer has commented on the benefits of building people’s immune systems through acupuncture claiming that the “vaccine is not the answer” as recently as October.

Tranmer’s position on the council was described as “a supporting role for the Chair” and “other officers”, as well as “responsible for the internal communications across the party both with officers but also members” on the York Green Party website.

York Vision has been informed that Tranmer left the party a few weeks ago and is no longer affiliated with the York Green Party despite still listed as an officer on their website, but Tranmer had made their position on vaccinations online on Twitter long before the most recent council election, in which they were 76 votes short of winning a seat in Guildhall.

Tranmer has also told York Vision that we do not have their permission to “write any article associating my opinions with those of the York Green Party”, but we believe it is important to note that as Vice Chair, Tranmer had constitutional authority over members’ conduct, the local party has as recently as December used Tranmer for social media content, and has spoken in City of York Council meetings.

As of writing, Tranmer is still listed as the Vice-Chair on the York Green Party website.

This follows comments by two Green councillors in York expressing unfounded beliefs in the health risks of a new 5G mast proposed for the York city centre, to which the York Green Party has told Vision that “councillors have been sympathetic towards some residents who came to them with concerns about 5G at a planning committee”.