Disappointment As Corbyn Fails To Show in Central York

Jeremy Corbyn disappointed a large crowd of his supporters today after failing to show up to a rally.

The Labour leader was scheduled to speak at St Helen’s Square in York at 12:15pm on the 1st of December, however was expected to be running late due to his speech at York College going over its expected time. The crowd that had already gathered was already large, with many people holding signs that said “F**k Off Back To Eton”, referencing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s privileged upbringing, and “Save Our NHS York”.

By around 12:40, the crowd that was gathered at St Helen’s Square moved over to Exhibition Square, just outside Kings Manor, where a podium and a set of speakers was already set up. The moving of the crowd through the streets of York was considered by some to be a flex of public support, by having non-Labour voters in York see the mass of people who came out to see Jeremy Corbyn.

Unfortunately, his supporters were left disappointed as Rachel Maskell, current Labour MP for York Central came to the stage an hour after the event was meant to start to tell crowds that due to heavy traffic and logistical problems, Mr Corbyn could not appear at the rally. She encouraged her supporters to pick up a canvassing pack and to take leave from work on the 12th of December to vote in the general election. It isn’t clear if or when Mr Corbyn will return to York. Miss Maskell told crowds that he “promised to return when he becomes Prime Minister”.

Featured photo by Nathen Amin via Twitter (@NathenAmin)