Civil Service Jobs Coming to York

Jobs are headed to York as part of the civil service relocation programme.

(Image: Iwan Stone)

Cabinet Office permanent secretary Alex Chisholm has confirmed that a number of civil servant jobs will be coming to York, according to York Press.

As part of discussion regarding decentralisation, Chisholm stated “The civil service needs to draw on the talents of individuals and communities across the UK… the Cabinet Office will now be operating out of Glasgow as our second headquarters, as well in York and other locations”.

The news comes after Boris Johnson confirmed last July that there are plans to create a “government hub” in York to work around the restoration of the Palace of Westminster.

Despite no current details being available, council leader Keith Aspden has announced his support for this news:

“Following months of lobbying, I welcome the reiterated commitment to move Government jobs and investment to York as part of the wider civil service relocation programme.

“Our city’s strong cultural scene, combined with a strong technology and science sector, means York has much to offer to any relocated government function.”

Aspden went on to say that “Whilst we await for further details, we continue to liaise with Government officials regarding the possible establishment of a Government Hub in the York Central site, and we are working with regional and national partners to secure this opportunity, including the higher paid and skilled jobs that would come with such a move”.

It is not currently known how many civil servant jobs will be moving to York. The Press reported yesterday that 1000 jobs will be moving from England to Scotland.

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