By-Election 2023 Results

YUSU By-Election Results Have Been Released

(Image: YUSU)

The YUSU By-Election results have been announced with 1,774 votes being cast this year.

The By-Elections take place every year to fill any roles that remained empty after the main elections. This year’s by-elections notably included the Sabbatical Academic Officer role, after Deb Dey resigned shortly after the YUSU elections earlier this year.

Voting was open from the 10th- the 12th of May, with candidates campaigning from the 3rd of May.

Academic Officer

Meely Doherty

Meely Doherty is the new Academic Office
(Image: YUSU)

Your new academic officer is Meely Doherty. In her manifesto, she stated that if she were elected she would “fix the ‘hole in the roof’ and support students from WP groups”. She also wants to “create a space for students to fix external employability opportunities [and] an academic signposting guide to support student mental health.”

Meely is taking over from Deb Dey.

Disabled Students’ Officer

Jade Husdan-Hicks

Jade Husdan-Hicks is the new Disabled Students’ Officer
(Image: YUSU)

The new Disabled Students’ Officer is Jade Husdan Hicks who wants to “elevate inclusion” within their role. They hope to create a “network for friends and communication [focus on] disability in sport [and] equality with inclusion and communication.”

Jade is taking over from Freya Atkins.

Environment and Ethics Officer

Woody and Claire

Woody and Claire are the new Environment and Ethics Officer
(Image: YUSU)

“Don’t be a hater, vote for nature!”. Woody and Claire have been elected as Environment and Ethics Officers. They want to “put pressure on the university to meet and surpass its aims for fighting the climate crisis.” As well as this they hope to “maximise the sustainability of our catering outlets.”

Woody and Claire are taking over from Anushka Swannell.

Mature Students’ Officer

Danielle Purvis

Danielle Purvis is the new Mature Students’ Officer
(Image: YUSU)

“Mature students matter!” Danielle Purvis has been elected the new Mature Students’ Officer. She wants to “show students that they are included no matter what age they are” with the aims of providing more events aimed at older students and campaigning the university for more practical timetables for commuting students with families.

Danielle is taking over from Leonie Wainwright.

RAG (Raising and Giving) Officer

Ellen Rintoul

Ellen Rintoul is the new RAG Officer
(Image: YUSU)

“Listen to student voice… know the current issues… engage and recognise!” Ellen Rintoul has been elected the new Raising and Giving Officer. She believes “RAG is one of the most rewarding activities a student can take part in” and aims “to make it bigger and better than ever.” ” I shall work to ensure that the student voice is present in all work that RAG does… as students should have the choice on where their money and fundraising efforts go to.”

Ellen was the 2022/2023 RAG Officer.

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer

Hugh Baker-Lomas

Hugh Baker-Lomas is the new Working Class and Social Mobility Officer
(Image: YUSU)

“Breaking down barriers, building a better future.” Hugh Baker-Lomas is the new Working Class and Social Mobility Officer. He aims to increase awareness, promote equal access and create an inclusive community. “Together, we can create a more equal and inclusive community that values and supports students from all backgrounds.”

Hugh is taking over from Laura Blackburn.

Non-Officer Roles

Arts and Humanities Faculty Rep

James Clay

James Clay is the new Arts and Humanities Faculty Rep
(Image: YUSU)

“A committed voice for all students.” James Clay is the new Arts and Humanities Faculty Rep. He aims to increase awareness, ensure assessment feedback and improve seminar attendance.

“Do you know the name of your Course Rep? Do you know the name of your Department Rep? Do you know the name of your Faculty Rep? …For this reason, I will push for each departmental weekly newsletter to have a designated space for a student rep to advertise a campaign or spread awareness of a particular issue.”

Student Trustee

Samira Tasneem

Samira Tasneem is the new Student Trustee
(Image: YUSU)

“I believe I can bring clear vision to the board to ensure correct governance of the Union.” Samira Tasneem is the new Student Trustee. She aims to ensure the democratic will of the diverse membership is always considered during decision-making.  “It would be a pleasure for me to represent the voice of our students when making key decisions which will hugely impact one of the most pivotal times of our lives.”

Samira will be taking over from Dariush Bigham.