York’s Unlimited Giving Day: The Results

In just 36 hours, 717 donors and 299 Ambassadors helped to raise a whopping £160,170!

York Unlimited sign on bridge next to Central Hall, overlooking lake
(Image: Iwan Stone)

If I’d have said to you, even just three days ago: ‘’2020 can still be a good year’’, you would have laughed in my face.

However, not only has Joe Biden been elected as America’s newest President ,and quite frankly could run for the hottest man of 2020 (I’m sure you’ve all seen the latest Tik Tok of him and Trump floating around) – it’s fair to say that Biden looks INCREDIBLE in blue, but York have also succeeded in giving back during this year’s Unlimited Giving Day.

In just 36 hours, 717 donors, and 299 Ambassadors, helped to raise a whopping £160,170!

This absolutely insane number has helped to provide an extra 20 York Opportunity Scholarships, 80 extra York Futures scholarships, 2 years of an Equal Access scholarship, and 1 entire round of YuFund and Mentally Fit York project grants.

I mean, screw the 12 days of Christmas song – I’d rather be singing those extra numbers over a partridge in a pair tree any day of the week.

Unlimited Giving day did take place on the 4th and 5th November, but if you forgot or didn’t have chance to make a donation and really wanted to, then have no fear because you still can! The day is unlimited after all.

Just follow the links on York’s Unlimited Giving Day website and it’ll direct you to the page of dreams. Literally – you’d be making dreams become a reality for so many students.

So, this has confirmed that all things unlimited are amazing. Whether this is unlimited re-fills on a soft drink in restaurants, unlimited data on a phone plan, or an unlimited amount of time and money that can be given to help out such amazing causes in a serious time of need, the word can do no wrong.

The news about York’s giving day is probably the best news we’ve had in about nine months. The fact that in the middle of a second national lockdown, York is still trying to raise funds and support for a variety of important causes, just goes to show that it really is one of the best places to be.

Although, I may be a tad biased.  

One thought on “York’s Unlimited Giving Day: The Results

  1. Thanks for giving such enthusistic support and publicity to the great results from the Giving Day, Nov 2020-and thanks to Mary Howarth and her team for makimg it happen!

    I am a York “Pioneer” (1965-68) which,we learned at the 50th anniversary event, is we what we were called by the then staff in those first 3 years; and creator from that event of the “Pioneers Purse” idea, whereby we, who were so fortunate from 1965 to just recently, cf todays students, feel like giving something back.
    I was delighted to see many of us giving for Giving Day 2020.
    Let’s hope we can approach all of that first 3 years York intake for even more much needed donations.

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