”My Flatmate won’t get off the Bloody Sofa”

''My flatmate won't get off the bloody sofa. They refuse to go to any of their teaching.''

Dear Auntie Vi
(Image: Martha Stone)

‘Dear Aunty Vi,

My flatmate won’t get off the bloody sofa.

They refuse to go to any of their teaching (bear in mind we are in our final year, and graduation for them is looking like a distant dream).

Is it odd that myself and the rest of my housemates find this really irritating?

They are just sat in front of the TV until they wake up in early afternoon and go to bed in the early hours of the morning. Is it right if we tell them to get up and do something with their fucking life?


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your submission.

Unfortunately, graduation is looking like a distant dream for all of us now following the recent news, but maybe your flatmate could use this extra time to start knuckling down?

Although, if they don’t take that route, then you and your flatmates could make it your mission to make sure they start attending their online teaching? Heaven knows we all need new activities to take the pain of this year away…

Technology these days is a great thing, so maybe you could somehow hook up his teaching to the TV so that when they go to watch their latest Netflix episode, they will instead be surprised with the Zoom logo… but if you do decide to do this, then I’d also advise you to lock your bedroom doors as I can’t imagine they’ll be very happy.

However, if you want to go for a less aggressive approach, then maybe as a house, you could all make plans on an evening to watch a film together or order a takeaway? That way it could motivate them to work during the day and actually look forward to pressing the beautiful power button on the remote in the evening.

To answer your concern about whether it’s odd that you and your flatmates find your friends habits irritating, the simple answer would be no. I actually think your frustrations are quite sweet.

Times right now are more than tough. Finding time to motivate yourself is hard so, the fact that you guys care enough to try and encourage your flatmate, is behaviour I think we could all learn from.