Union Bungles Bio Badly!

Everyone makes a typo now and again. None more so than Vision Editors. But has academic integrity evaded YUSU’s social media team just that bit too much of late?

Yesterday, YUSU’s Twitter bio proudly stated “Student’s at the ❤️ of everything!”, falsely apostrophising the plural form of student. This made the sentence ungrammatical.

Astute observer of grammatical accuracy, former York Vision Editor turned proper journalist, Helena Horton, informed YUSU on Twitter: “Oh dear – think there is a misplaced apostrophe in your bio”.

A spokesperson for YUSU told Horton, “Cheers for bringing that to our attention, we have changed it now!”.

Chaos soon ensued as one error was just not enough for YUSU’s social media output. The YUSU social media representative changed the bio to, once again grammatically false, “Students’ at the ❤️ of everything!”.

Vision notes that the department of Language and Linguistic Science hold lessons on Understanding English Grammar in Autumn term. Perhaps there’s still some lectures left for YUSU staff to get up to date with the basics?

For those in doubt, a more grammatically correct bio might read: “Students at the ❤️ of everything!”.

Here’s a quick lesson using some random example sentences:

This sentence uses no plural s or apostrophe ‘s, indicating it is singular, and nothing belongs to it.

YUSU censored its student publication, The Lemon Press.

This sentence uses plural s to indicate there are multiple of the object.

YUSU censors its student publications: York Vision, The Lemon Press, and Nouse.

This sentence uses a possessive apostrophe ‘s, to indicate something belongs to the object.

YUSU censors its student publication’s news articles.

This sentence both uses plural s to indicate there are multiple of the object, and a possessive apostrophe ‘to indicate something belongs to the object. To indicate something is both plural and something belongs to it, we use plural possessive, s’.

YUSU censored its student publications‘ writers.


Bonus points if you spot any grammatical errors in this article.

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