Willow Revisited: Tommy Fong Is Having A Sale

From the 1930’s the Willow establishment graced the streets of York. First as a café, then a restaurant, Willow closed its doors in 2015 as the #1 disco in York – and out of its doors came much Willow furniture and merchandise lapped up by excited clubbers as a keepsake. Now students regretting not getting a keepsake can do so: Legendary Club Owners, Soo and Tommy Fong, are having a sale! You can now purchase Tommy Fong’s prized belongings alongside precious Willow antiquities collected over the years.

Fong’s collection of Silverware with ‘Willow Cafe York’ pressed on the front dates back to the original Willow establishment before dinning hall met dance floor.

Willow Silverware
You could buy artwork and tapestries that one graced the walls of Willow and look back in nostalgia towards your clubbing days.

Could you rock the Soo-look? – Or perhaps take on a more Tommy Fong Aesthetic? – but one of Soo’s many coats or buy one of Tommy’s Jackets. – maybe if you wear the emperors’ clothes one day you will open you own Willow Disco Empire?

Try on one of Soo’s Jackets

Plates, Bowls, Serving Dishes, and Jewellery – all for grabs
Whether you’re an alumni current student looking for a keepsake for your Willow Days, a University Society hoping to find a memento to sell off to your Alumni, or a UoY undergraduate who wants to buy their way into pretending that they themselves actually went to Willow for some reason, come along to 74 Walmgate YO1 9TL – open from 11am to 5pm (Tuesday to Sunday).

As of yet unnamed shop.
Who knows, maybe you could meet Tommy Fong himself?

I went and got a sugar bowl because I just wasn’t far enough into my overdraft already.