What’s On My Kindle

America Unchained – Dave Gormanamerica unchained - dave gorman

America Unchained follows Dave Gorman’s attempt to travel from Coast to Coast America without giving any money to “The Man”. Gorman’s storytelling is infectious and the reader becomes incredibly invested in the adventure, with myself feeling genuinely scared for events that had happened years ago. Gorman’s book is full of witty footnotes, annotations and disclaimers that keep the reader entertained, and a beautiful selection of colour photos help add to the visualisation of his wonderful journey. Warning, don’t read if you love “The Man”.

A Long Time Sleeping – Michael Sinclair

Michael Sinclair’s historical what-if paints a scary vision of ‘70s Britain. It follows the life of our charming protagonist, a London based Diplomat, as he uncovers threads that point to a terrible plot. A mixture of Nazis who escaped Allied Justice, those on Hitler’s ‘White-list’, and a notebook of high ranking British officials who the Nazis would collaborate upon invasions, are trying to get one of their own elected into the most powerful room – The Oval Office.

The Immortals – Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell were responsible for most of the fiction of my childhood. Their trilogy of trilogies follows the life of a Father, a Son and a Grandson in an evolving world full of magic and wonder, The Edge. The Immortals is set many years after the death of the Grandson in a world that is very different. The Edge is going through its own industrial revolution, and events we lived through via the original trilogies are misremembered much to the readers chagrin. If you had any experience of the Edge Chronicles as a child, this epic forms the perfect closure for your wondering mind