What’s it really like to be in a long distance relationship at University? (and how to cope!)

Library LoveAfter a year of seeing each other everyday, it all comes down to this.

A relationship of rushed Skype calls, short weekends, and being with other people about 95% of the time. Welcome to the typical long distance relationship.

As a Fresher the temptation is everywhere; new people, new place, more booze. However, those in a long term relationship find this is now an ultimate test- can we stay together or not?

It all comes down to before Uni, the ‘are we going to break up or stay together’ question, which often shocks many couples into breaking up, or committing for the long run. If the latter is chosen, the weeks before often consist of arguments, tears and the horrid truth that in the next 4 years, communication consists of missed calls, drunk texts and hundreds of pounds worth of train tickets.

And I’m here to tell you that yes, this is all true.

But, it’s also a great way to sit down and realize things about yourself and your partner that you don’t actually see back home. For example the fact that the trust in your relationship is twisted and tested to the extremes can prove to you just how good your relationship is. Like when someone hits on you and all you can think of is your boy/girlfriend.

And the fact that when you see each other, you actually appreciate every second of them snoring down your ear, squished in a smaller than single bed. It proves that every second you miss them is worth it just to be with them.

And every second you are away from them, you grow as an individual, you just have to make sure that they grow with you. And to do that requires good communication, not calling every second of the day but putting an hour aside a day to think of them, or speak to them and remember that they are in every bit of your life still, just further away.

For hours before I came to Uni I watched Wilkinsons ‘Afterglow’ music video, where it goes through their relationship in numbers.

My relationship is now a little like this:

192 calls
210 nights alone
8 arguments
37 meals out
1567 text messages
300 pound spent on trains
1 surprise visit
87 miles apart

But you know what? It’s all worth it in the end. No one can tell you how to live your relationship, trust it, live it, because if it’s right, it’s all worth it just to see them again.