What would Walter White Do? Fresher chemists face Breaking Bad themed exam question

First year chemistry students were faced with a Breaking Bad themed question in their exams earlier this month.

The potential Heisenbergs of the future had to demonstrate their understanding of the reactions involved in the synthesis pathway of methamphetamine, the drug made and sold by Walter White in hit TV show.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, the series focuses on Walter White, a terminally ill chemistry teacher who starts selling crystal meth to fund his cancer treatments.

The question was set by Professor David Smith, who later tweeted his happiness with it, stating “I’m particularly proud of the ‘Breaking Bad’ exam question I set our 1st years this year.”

He followed that up with “Obviously any students scoring full marks on my exam question will be reported to the DEA.”

Professor Smith also has a popular YouTube channel, producing chemistry themed videos covering a range of topics.

Check out his channel here.